Naming your Asset / Folder

Modified on Tue, Oct 4, 2022 at 5:09 PM

Naming your asset(s) or folder(s) are very important when considering it linking on the web. The file path to your asset ultimately creates your asset's web URL on the web:

For example, if you upload an image named "msunews-generic.jpg" inside your Images -> Training folder, once you've prepared your asset by checking it in and marking it for publish and you've published your asset, your file name/path may look something like this:

(this can be seen in your asset's Properties section)

The "~" represents the main URL:, and the rest of the file name is added after the .edu, making your asset file path/URL:

Here are a few recommendations we suggest when you are working with your assets.

  1. Try to keep your file name/folder as short as possible. Too long of a file name/folder may sometimes result in your file not working on the web. 

  2. DO NOT use any special characters (!, @, #, $, &, etc.)  Most, if not all, web browsers don't place nicely with special characters.

  3. TRY NOT to use spaces, but instead use hyphens (-) or underscores(_) to provide separation between the words used in your file name/folder. While some web browsers may translate the space to a web code -- %20 -- there may be cases where it may not work. 

    Or in other cases, you may have an accidental space at the end of your file name/folder, and it may cause your asset link to not work.

    filename .pdf -- note there's a space before the file extension .pdf


ACCEPTABLE:  This_DocName.pdf

NOT ACCEPTABLE:  This Is the Name of My Document & I Like it!.pdf

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