Viewing Page Properties

Modified on Thu, 24 Feb 2022 at 05:01 PM

The information icon provides a quick view of general page properties. The page properties that can be accessed by way of the information icon only display general properties for viewing.

This is helpful when needing to know who the page is assigned to, when the page was created, when the page was last changed & by who, and in what workstate the page is in (and any comments that follow it).  Additionally it also displays the page or component's X ID.  This  ID is helpful when referencing any issues you may have when sending a request for support to our web team (  This X ID is unique and will not reference any other page, component, or folder in the CMS.

To access general page, component, or folder properties via the information icon:

  • Navigate to Site.
  • Select a page, component, or folder in the Site Tree.
  • Click the information icon to view the page properties.


Unique ID of the selected page, component, or folder, which links to its XML version.

SchemaName of the template being used.
Assigned To

Indicates the user assigned to the page, component, or folder.

Checked outIndicates if selected page, component, or folder is checked out.
LocaleDisplays the ID's locale/language set in WorldView settings.

Date and time when object was created.

Last Changed

Date and time when object was last saved.

Changed by

Name of user who made the last change.

WorkflowWorkstate the page is currently in.

Description from the most recent workflow action.

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