Advancing in Workflow (Edit, Publish & Remove)

Modified on Wed, 20 Sep 2023 at 11:25 AM

In workflow, you can advance a page or component once a particular phase of work is completed. In an organization where content items are sent for approval, advancing content items might mean sending them to your web publisher. Advancing the content item sends it to the next workstate and to a user or group associated with that workstate.

All new pages start at the beginning of the workflow.  This is the AUTHORING workstate.  Both Authors and Publishers have the permissions to edit.  

Once the work is ready to be advanced, the next workstate is the PUBLISHING workstate, in which only Publishers will have permissions to edit.  

The next workstate is the LIVE workstate, in which the page would have been prepared to be published and publicity visible on the website.  The Publishers groups will have permissions to advance from this workstate.

Note: Some views may show a Check Out button or an Assign To button. 
These buttons will not work, as page updates are REQUIRED to be advanced through workflow to manage.

To advance a page or component:

  1. Click the Advance in Workflow button.

  2. The Advance Workflow dialog will come up. The first (top) dropdown displays the options available when advancing from a particular workstate.  In this step, you will Send to Publisher.

    Click the 'Assign to Group' dropdown menu to see & select the user in which the page would be assigned to. The users that will be displayed are users who have been assigned to the Publishers group only.
    Optionally, you may enter notes in the Comments field for the user you are assigning the page to.

    Then, click 'Advance Workflow' button to advance to the next workstate (Publishing).
    PLEASE NOTE: In some cases if you are the only person assigned to manage your unit's website, you would select your own name.

  3. Once you have edited/reviewed the content, you would again click the Advance in Workflow button. Select Publish to Live Website (should be default option) to prepare your page & publish to the live website.  In the Assign to Group dropdown, select your name (or the name of the user in the Publishers group who should have access to advance this page when ready).  Click 'Advance Workflow' button to publish to the website.  This will publish your page to the live website.

    Also, in this workstate, you also have the option as a Publisher to Send Back to Author for them to make any requested edits/changes. Please note that as the Publisher, you may also make these changes without choosing this option. If you send the page back to the author, they would need to advance the page forward in workflow once again.

  4. To edit a page that is live on the website, advance the page in workflow by clicking the Advance in Workflow button and selecting the Re-edit Page option in the dropdown menu. This will place you back at the beginning in the workflow to edit your page.

    PLEASE NOTE: The changes to your page will not take place until you advance the page through workflow once again.

  5. If you wish to remove your page from view on the live website, you would advance the page in workflow by clicking the Advance in Workflow button and selecting the Remove  from Website option in the dropdown menu. This will prepare your page to be removed on the next publish to the website. This will not delete the page from the CMS.

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