CMS Content Freeze Update

Posted over 1 year by Henry McEachnie

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Henry McEachnie Admin

Just an update on migration.  We will be making some updates on our upcoming server starting a 3pm today.  For that reason, we will be opening up the current CMS for any updates that need to occur.

This timeframe will be from today, Dec. 2nd until the end of the day this Friday, Dec. 4th, at 11:59pm.  Please be sure to make any and all updates to your sites during this timeframe.

Also, a point of clarification on the CMS message you may receive when trying to log into the CMS during a content freeze.  Please note that the date and time reflected is due to the fact that we can only lock down 2 weeks at a time.  While this date and time represents when the freeze time frame should be done, this does not mean that the system will be made available then.  Apologies for any confusion on that.

If you have any urgent updates that need to occur during a content freeze period, please let us know at ONLY.  This allows us to see your message quicker than it would if it is sent to a personal inbox.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation during this transition.  We will also be posting updates on this site as well.

Thank you all again for your assistance during this transition!

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