Website Redesign Project: Content Check & Migration

Posted almost 2 years by Henry McEachnie

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Henry McEachnie Admin

As many of you may be aware, the University has begun our global website redesign project. This new site will dynamically elevate our online footprint and brand position incorporating many enhancements and features that will allow you to deliver your content in a more modern way. But this website redesign project success hinges one key variable... YOU!

We are asking that you begin the process (if you haven't already) to review, edit, and update your content so that we can have the most accurate and up-to-date content available. Content consolidation isn't a bad thing either, as it helps to really focus your target audience on content that resonates with, and is most relevant to, their particular interests and needs.

It is extremely important that this exercise occurs. Doing so, enables our team to be best prepared for the content migration phase (a mission critical phase to the relaunch of the newly designed site), which we hope to begin very soon. There are many of you who have already begun this process and we thank you for being so proactive! We are allocating approximately 3 weeks for this exercise to occur with this communication serving as our official notification to update all existing content on your respective unit-managed pages.

Additionally, if your unit does not have an identified web publisher who would be in charge of making updates to your section as necessary, we ask that you identify a person or persons so we can be sure to get them trained.

Also, the web team utilizes web governance software that periodically sweeps your website for any broken links or misspellings, to aid in the quality assurance of your website and the website in general.

We eagerly anticipate having the redesigned site ready to go towards the end of this year, with a soft-target introduction coming this Fall semester.

Thank you for your support!

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