Component: Page Listing Tray

Modified on Tue, 11 Oct 2022 at 03:08 PM

USAGE AREA: Center Flex Components

The Page Listing tray can be utilized to automatically show the children pages underneath a page or be configured to show children pages that are tagged with a specific taxonomy/label tag.  You can configure this component to show children pages via the Child Navigation option or Taxonomy option (not both).

Here's a breakdown of the component:

Body Copy

In this area, you can place a summary (if desired) to summarize what you may see on this page or can be specific to the listing that this component will display.

Child Navigation Listing

You can set the listing based on children pages underneath a parent page/folder.  The 'Start Page' field should contain the X ID of the parent page/folder to which it's children page is listed. 

For example:

Parent Page (or Folder) [x 100]

 • Child Page 1 [x 101]

 • Child Page 2 [x 102]

 • Child Page 3 [x 103]

If you want the child pages x101 through x103 to be automatically displayed, then the 'Start Page' field should contain the value x100, as that is the parent page to those 3 children pages.

Taxonomy Listing

You can set the listing based on taxonomy (label) tagging. 

When you click the 'Select' button, you will be met with the Taxonomy Listing window, where you would navigate and find your taxonomy label to add to this listing. 

After drilling down your Taxonomy listing in the Choose From area to find the category you wish to use, click on the category and click the right arrow button to add the category to your Selected Choices area. Tags already used/selected will have a green check next to it. Click 'OK' to use your selected category. 

Repeat this step if you wish to add more that one category selection Only the pages that are categorized with the chosen tags will be displayed.

Changing the Depth option will display the pages based on the option (ie. All, Self, 1 [level down], 2 [levels down], etc.)  The default Depth option is set to 'All'.

If the Depth is set to 'All' and you elect to use a taxonomy tag that has sub tags, it will display the pages of that tag and sub-tags.  

Note: if you don't see the tags you expect to see or need new ones created, please let us know at

Display Taxonomy Listing

Click this checkbox in order to enable the Taxonomy Listing over the Child Navigation Listing (Child Navigation is displayed by default).

Order By Listing

None - displays the page listing in whatever order it is listed in your site tree

Alphabetical - displays the page listing in alphabetical order

Date (in beta) - displays the page listing based on the page's Date Created value

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