Component: Photo Text

Modified on Wed, 13 Mar 2024 at 01:57 PM

USAGE AREA: Flex Components

This component can be used to highlight or bring attention to an initiative you wish to bring to the forefront or an event or news items that your area is trying to bring awareness/attention to.

You can use this component to place a photo (to the left or right), along with a Title, Subtitle, Text copy/summary, and a call to action button.  Customizations also include the ability to place a box outline behind of the photo (whether in blue or orange).


Left photo placement

Right Photo Placement

The Title field inserts title text at the very top of the component.  Content on this field is not required.

The Subtitle field inserts text to the right (or left) of the photo within the component.  Sometimes this field may be used to contain the main title of your component, if desired.  Content on this field is not required.

The Copy field places body copy text to the right (or left) of the photo within the component. 

The CTA field is where you would insert your Call To Action button to lead the end-user to the content you wish for them to see.. whether it is to an internal page, an external page, or a document asset.

The Image field is where you insert what photo you'd like to accompany within this component. This is the photo that will display to the left (or right) of your Subtitle text, Copy text, and CTA button.  This field IS required.

REQUIRED: When inserting an image, please be sure to insert a brief description of the photo in the ALT TEXT field.

The Outline Color field is where you can define the color outline/drop color that is placed behind your photo (orange or blue).

The Photo Placement field defines which side your inserted photo (in the Image Field) is placed -- whether to the left or to the right.

The Background Color field allows you to place a shade of gray as a background on the tray if you'd like to differentiate or separate (by color) the components, should you decide to use multiple trays and they are stacked on one another.

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