To insert/edit link an internal page onto your page:

1. Highlight the desired text/phrase, and click on the 'Insert/edit link' button.

2.  In the 'Link To' area, select the 'Internal' option, and then populate the 'Page' field. When you type the name of the page you want to link, you may get several options (As seen in Figure #1 below). To be more exact, it helps if you enter the x-ID in the 'Page' field instead (As seen in Figure #2 below).  For ADA/508 Compliancy, please be sure to enter a short description of the document in the 'Title' field.

3.  If you would like the link to open in a different browser tab when clicked, select 'Open In New Window (_blank)' in the 'Target' dropdown field.

4.  Click 'Insert', or 'Update' if this is an existing link.