In order to have your new or existing Faculty/Staff Profile page show up automatically and in alphabetical order in your Staff listing page, you will have to apply Taxonomy, or tag the page.  If you do not have access to, or need additional tags created for your department/area/unit, please submit a support ticket to

To do that, click on the Category tab while in edit mode.

Then, in the Available Categories column, drill down the taxonomy tree to your respective department/area/unit, and select the appropriate tag.

Once the tag is selected, click on the blue arrow facing to the right to apply the tag in the Associated Categories column (clicking the left facing blue arrow will remove any currently applied tags from the Associated Categories column).  You can apply more than one tag on a page.

Once you've applied your tag(s), click the 'Save' button located on the bottom right of the screen.

Advance your page in workflow, and once the page has been published with the applied tag(s), the page will now show up on your Faculty/Staff listing page.