If you check the Edit Image box before uploading images, an Edit Image button will appear next to each uploaded image. Clicking the button opens the Image Editor. All images uploaded during this process will be queued in the editor.

You can also open the Image Editor by selecting an image (or multiple images) in the Manage Assets dialog and clicking Edit Image. Due to browser issues, you may experience difficulty selecting an image. This may be remedied by clicking on the image and dragging it just outside of the editing field onto the grey area. You'll know when this is done correctly because the image will then have anchors on the corners.

The Image Editor gives content contributors the ability to manipulate images in preparation for display on the page. Images can be resized, cropped, rotated, or flipped.


To change the dimensions of an image, click Resize. There are three options available for resizing images: Keep Aspect Ratio, Width, and Height. Enabling Keep Aspect Ratio maintains the same width-to-height proportion. With this box checked, you can only enter a new value for width; the value for height changes proportionally. If the box is unchecked, you can change the both values independently.

Width and height attributes are measured in pixels.


The crop feature removes part of an image along one or more edges. When selected, the crop tool places edge and corner markers on the image.

Dragging these markers to their desired end point and clicking the green check button will remove any part of the image that is left outside the markers.

Selecting Rotate will bring up controls to turn the orientation of the image 90 degrees to the left or right.

Click the arrows to rotate the image 90 degrees in either direction.

The flip tool provides controls for mirroring the image horizontally or vertically. Click the buttons to flip the image in either direciton. 

Undo and Redo

Clicking Undo or Redo reverses or reinstates, respectively, the previous change to an image. After an undo action, making a new edit removes actions that were previously possible. 

There are two options for saving images in the image editor. Clicking Save Changes replaces the original image with the edited image. Clicking Save As opens a dialog in which you can save the edited image with a different name. The Save As option allows you to keep both the original and the edited image.