When a page is deleted, it moves to the Recycle Folder in the site tree. Pages can also be moved from the Recycle Folder back into the site tree as long as the Recycle Folder hasn't been emptied. Permission to delete pages is granted at the group level by the university webmaster.

When a page is deleted, several things happen to it:

  • If the page is checked out, the checkout is cancelled, and any saved or unsaved changes made since the last checkout are dropped.
  • The page is unmarked for publish.
  • The page's content may be deleted and potentially unrecoverable.
  • The page is removed from workflow and no longer assigned to a user.
  • The page moves to the Recycle Folder.
  • If the page has descendants (or children pages), they are also deleted.

To Delete a Page:

  1. In the site tree, select the page to be deleted.
  2. Right-click the page and click Delete.

    NOTE:  If you delete a page that has children pages underneath it, they will also be deleted.  Please use with caution.

    To restore an item from the Recycle Folder, please submit a request to websupport@morgan.edu.