Our new platform will provide an array of benefits to our users. Get started with getting to know some of the benefits of our new University Calendar system below! 

1. Easy Log In: Log In to submit your events and manage your account!

 Visit http://events.morgan.edu and click the Login button (using your MSU credentials).

2. User Accounts: My Plans & Profile

  • After a user has logged in they will see Me and My Plans appear at the top of the calendar homepage, to the left of the search bar.

Hovering over Me will display a drop down with links to various pieces of a user’s profile and account.

My Profile: Shows a complete overview of upcoming plans, activity and number of follows.

Messages: If a user has corresponded with another user, this is where the messages will be displayed.

Reviews: All events that were RSVP’d to via the I’m Going button will be listed here to be reviewed at any time once they have passed.

Friends & Places: This page lists all “friends” added on the platform and places that the user follows.

My Groups: This page lists all groups a user follows.

Photos: This page displays all photos added by a user.

Settings: Notification and privacy preferences.

3. Event Submissions

  • Save Time: Adding an event takes less than two minutes and once approved, it’s on the calendar. If the event location changes, you (the event creator) can always access and edit the form directly from the event pages.
  • Evergreen Data: Once an event is on the calendar it’s there in good times and bad times because we will never purge calendar content.

4. Landing Pages

  • Event Landing Pages: This gives departments/schools/organizations their own corner of the event calendar to add photos, a description, list upcoming & past events, and social media links so it has all the content that user’s need in one place.

5. I’m Interested

  • For event organizers: they can see the amount of interest on an upcoming event for planning purposes and to influence future events based on what users enjoyed.
  • For users: It’s helpful to see what events their friends are going to on campus or around the community. Your community is social, so they want to see what others are doing. When they click “I’m interested”, a big plus is that they get a reminder the day before and are prompted to leave feedback after the event. This way they won’t miss an event because they forgot to add it to their calendar.

6. Trending Events

  • Trending removes the guesswork in figuring out which events are popular, interesting, and are worth attending. As a reminder, how events appear in Trending is determined by an algorithm that includes user interest and engagement with the event.

7. Easy Navigation

  • Easily navigate our calendar by browsing by group, place, event, type, audience, or topic.

8. Widgets

  • This is a great way to automatically display event descriptions, locations, dates, times and an event photo. This can be anything from your website homepage or any of your detail pages. Using this widget on external sites allows users to discover events passively in their own time and on their own path if they are not actively looking for events. You can create your own widgets today!